Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors


Consulting Services

Wendling Noe Nelson & Johnson LLC has a long history of providing a full array of consulting services to our clients. We developed our expertise over the past six decades and continue to keep abreast of the issues facing enterprise and nonprofits today. Consulting services routinely provided to clients include:

  • Medicare cost report compilations for hospitals, rural health clinics, skilled nursing facilities, hospice and home health agencies.
  • Assistance in dealing with regulatory agencies in resolving reimbursement and payment issues.
  • Compilation of Medicaid Adult Care Facility financial and statistical reports.
  • Assist providers in obtaining special Medicare designations including Sole Community Hospital, Medicare Dependent Hospital, Rural Referral Center status and Critical Access Hospital.
  • Compilation of financial forecasts and projections that display future financial statements based on management assumptions.
  • Examination and compilation of financial forecasts and feasibility studies.
  • Help with filing State of Kansas Medicaid DSH applications.
  • Assistance in preparation of applications for geographic reclassification.
  • Analyze the effect of operational changes on Medicare and other third-party payor reimbursements, which include evaluating statistical bases selected and reviewing transactions to ensure that they are structured to maximize reimbursement.
  • Review wage-index reporting to insure compliance with current Medicare rules and regulations.
  • Examine occupational mix reporting to insure compliance with Medicare instructions.

Our firm is committed to staying abreast of the never-ending changes in the business world and keeping our clients informed of those changes, but more importantly, how they impact their individual operations.